Jason Momoa Was So Good At Playing Khal Drogo That People Didn’t Think He Could Speak English

At this point we all know Jason Momoa as an acting superstar. We also know him for being so beautiful it hurts the eyes, but the acting comes first.

And pretty soon we’re gonna see him as Aquaman, which is very exciting for obvious reasons.

I also thought you needed to see the first picture in motion because, again, obvious reasons. Share
But surprisingly it wasn’t always easy for Jason Momoa to score jobs because…well, Game of Thrones kinda ruined it for him.

When Jason appeared on The Tonight Show for a little chat with Jimmy Fallon about the new series of Netflix show
Frontier , he explained that after he starred in GoT people didn’t think he could actually speak English.

Because if you remember way back to Season 1 of the show, Khal Drogo speaks in Dothraki.

“Yeah, not a lot of people thought I spoke English. It was very challenging,” is what Jason apparently told Jimmy. (I was too busy staring at his face and I can’t multitask.)

“He was like, ‘I didn’t even know you spoke English’ and it was heartbreaking. I was like, that’s why I’m not getting any jobs.”

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