EXCLUSIVE: Designer reveals what made the Queen laugh at London Fashion Week

THE QUEEN arrived at London Fashion Week this evening, giving many attendees quite a shock. Francis Wadsworth-Jones, 34, from London, is a designer who spoke to the Queen, and revealed which piece of her jewellery made the Queen chuckle.
Queen Elizabeth II appeared at London Fashion Week for the first time ever this evening to give out a new award.

The Queen, 91, is presenting the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. for the first time.342745
Her Majesty visited designers in the showroom at the event, where the craftspeople show their wares to potential buyers.

Francis Wadsworth-Jones, 34, from London, revealed exclusively to Express.co.uk what it was like to meet the royal, and why she chuckled at her jewellery.

Francis said: “We are all a bit reeling in the showroom. We didn’t know she as coming, we knew someone important was coming but we had no idea it was the Queen.

“She stopped and spoke to lots of designers and she was there with Caroline Rush, the Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council.”

One special piece of jewellery of Francis’s caught her eye.

Francis said: “I had a brief conversation with her about my pearls. I make pearls which are sightly unusual. One of them is called “King” and it has a crown.

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