Queen: The one time Elizabeth II BROKE royal rules was for THIS ‘unique’ reason

QUEEN: Elizabeth II is known for her commitment to ruling the monarchy, but what was the one thing that made her break royal rules? The exceptional case was at Winston Churchill’s funeral in 1965. The story will be revealed in Elizabeth: Our Queen on Channel 5.
Queen Elizabeth II is known for her devotion to her role as head of the Royal Family and the British monarchy.

However, there was one occasion where she actively broke royal rules in favour of another cause.

She made a “unique” exception to royal protocol at the funeral of Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

Sir Winston was Prime Minister when Elizabeth became Queen in 1952, and the pair were believed to have been close.He died at home in 1965 at the age of 90, nine days after after he suffered a severe stroke.

He was given a state funeral at St. Paul’s Cathedral, which the Queen attended.

A new documentary explained how the Queen made a “touching gesture” which involved breaking royal protocol.

The narrator said: “The Queen will normally arrive last at any event and leave first.

“On this occasion it was different: she arrived before the coffin and before the Churchill family and left after both of them.

“The Queen had put her royal privilege aside and bestowed the honour of arriving last to Churchill’s family and his coffin.”

Winston’s grandson, Sir Nicolas Soames, explained what the Queen’s gesture meant to his family.

“It is absolutely exceptional if not unique for the Queen to grant precedence to anyone.

He continued: “For her to arrive before the coffin and before my grandfather was a beautiful and very touching gesture.”

The story will be revealed on Elizabeth: Our Queen, which airs on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.

Tonight’s episode will cover the Queen’s life in the late 50s, which brought her a number of challenges.

In a previous episode, it was revealed what Princess Margaret said to Elizabeth II upon learning she would be Queen.

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