College’s ‘Women In Math’ Panel Features Only Male Speakers

Ever wanted to learn about women in math but from an entirely male perspective? Then look no further than Brigham Young University.


As of Wednesday afternoon, her Twitter post had received over 9,000 retweets and 24,000 likes.

“The alternative all female panel can discuss ‘Men in Maths’. I’d go to that!” one Twitter user responded. Another user added that BYU definitely has women faculty in the math department, calling the flyer a “gross oversight.”

HuffPost reached out BYU for comment but did not immediately hear back.

BYU’s math department posted a statement to Facebook on Wednesday, clarifying that the flyer is not satire and was simply “poor judgement.”

“The poster featured the pictures of four of our department faculty. It was done with good intentions but with poor judgment and was not meant to be satire, though we did all get a good laugh here at the department,” the department’s statement reads. “The posters have been replaced with a more appropriate message. We very much value the Women in Math organization.”

Some current and former BYU students, however, were not satisfied.

“I’m confused,” Driggs tweeted in response to BYU’s statement. “Do they really think that the poster was the main issue here?”

At least two other students emailed the college to complain about the department’s lapse in judgement. BYU student Talia Ruth tweeted a screenshot of the email she sent the math department.

“It was a shock to see a poster advertising a conference of sorts regarding women in math showing only male faculty,” she wrote. “Women should be represented by women. Please note this error reflects poorly on this department and consider how this will impact the department and university in the future.”

A BYU alumni student identified as Daxson also shared his email on Twitter, calling the all-male panel a “colossally bad idea.”

“Bad for you, bad for BYU, bad for BYU alumni in the working force,” he wrote, adding: “And most importantly, bad for women who want and need representation in STEM fields.”

That’s the gist of a hilarious (and cringeworthy) flyer that the Utah university’s math department distributed for its “Women in Math” panel featuring only male professors.

BYU student Stephanie Driggs posted an image of the flyer to Twitter on Tuesday. It invites “all women who love math” to “come learn about research done in data science, topology, number theory, and dynamical systems from four BYU math professors.”

Driggs’ viral tweet included the question: “Is this satire?”

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